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It’s time to step your online betting experience up a notch, and try out one of the crypto gamblings’ most successful games, Crash at a high-ranking casino like Roobet. Being the leading Crash casino, Roobet has managed to not only consistently deliver wins through high-hitting multipliers and small bets, but it has been able to hold its place as Bitcoin casino’s best Crash site in the world. 

The Roobet crypto casino site has held many titles over the years, with crypto’s fastest-growing casino being the most acknowledged. Taking this title came about by continually delivering honest gambling, with trusted and inclusive game titles, along with the continuous expansion of betting opportunities, like the addition of the Roobet sportsbook.

The Game Of Crash

Over the years, gambling has evolved.  Introducing more interactive and enjoyable experiences as technology grows. One of the most significant moves that the industry took was the integration of cryptocurrency, which skyrocketed players’ winning potential to new, unfounded heights. 

Crypto casinos started to create their own identity, becoming known for the improved offers it provides. With the growth came new games, such as Crash, which quickly became online crypto gamblers’ favorite gaming option. 

Crash is considered a proprietary game, which means the game is unique to each platform that offers it. Roobet Crash remains the most successful, with thousands of players logging in every day to get playing and claim balance. 

The game of Crash is designed with three attributes, a graph-like chart, multipliers, and the rocket, which continues to climb, increasing a player’s returns. At Roobet, there is the added flare of fun created by the themed rocket, which fits in with all on-site events the site holds. 


Roobet Crash is well designed, with 100% provably fair results, with the ability to verify them with two main attributes:

  • Server Seed – provided by us
  • Client Seed – the hash for bitcoin block #721446


Roobet Crash Games



Roobet Crypto Casino

As you know, Roobet crypto casino is by far the best platform in the game, with thousands of opportunities to pocket a win. As of right now, Roobet crypto casino offers more than 2,400+ casino games and a hefty portion of sports betting options. 

Being a crypto casino, Roobet has managed to enhance a player’s ability for entertainment and rewards. One of the biggest successors at Roobet is a fast-paced payout, honest results, and an extensive game list, which includes five proprietary games such as Crash, Towers, Mines, Dice, and Roulette. 

Since first starting in 2019, Roobet crypto casino has made plenty of magic happen, including the ongoing events always taking place, including big names like King Roo, the RoobetLIVE Party, Astro Roo, and so on. Roobet also offers a host of other games provided by the top developers in the game. The categories include slots, live games, sports betting, and game shows. 

Astro Roo, The Number One Roobet Crash Event

Astro Roo is still a relatively new event played on the same mechanics as King Roo, but instead of being centered around slots, the event is held on Roobet Crash. The change in the game gives Crash enthusiasts a chance to show their skill and rake in returns. 

The aim of Astro Roo is for the player to achieve the highest multiplier. As players better the last, they take the title of Astro Roo. While you have the title, you will take home a percentage of all crash wagers. The event usually lasts 24 hours, with the occasional 48 events held. 

To find out when Astro Roo will be back by hopping on the Roobet social media channels and hitting follow, or better yet, turn on your notifications for every time Roo posts! 

Other House Games At Roobet

One of the most applauded additions to the Roobet site is the quality of games, which shines through in the house games, including big Bitcoin games like Towers, Mines, Dice, Roulette, and of course, Crash. 

Some of the most popular for new Roobet players are the Mines and Dice, which allow for easy game play and big rewards. 

Up Your RooWards By Playing Crash! 

There are so many opportunities to win when playing at Roobet. One of the best ways to keep returns rolling in is by taking advantage of all the site’s added features, like the affiliate program and the RooWards program. 

 The more you deposit funds, the quicker you climb the ranks, and the higher you get on the RooWards program, the bigger and more frequent your cash backs will be. Use the wagers you deposit to try your luck on a game of Crash.

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Where To Find Roobet Crash promo codes Right Now:

There are many places to claim a Roobet promo code, but for the most successful results, try out one of two ways to find bonus codes right now. 

Roobet Twitter

Join the Roobet social network community and follow Mr. Roo on Twitter (Twitter handle: @roobet). When you follow Roobet, you will have access to loads of ways to win, including promo codes, giveaways, challenges, and the latest information on what’s happening. 

Roobet Telegram

Another way of joining the community is by participating in regular activities hosted on Roo’s Telegram. Similarly to Twitter, players will have the opportunity to claim free cash daily with Roobet promo codes.

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